Eachine EV100 Cheap FPV Goggle Review

Today I’m taking a look at the Eachine EV100 FPV goggles. They are the latest cheap FPV goggles to hit the market and are already becoming very popular because of their great feature set and incredibly low price. The EV100 were released at just $99, but have been steadily increasing in price. If you are considering these goggles, click here check them out on BangGood now before the price goes up further!

On paper the EV100 specification is very attractive, but are these goggles right for you? Could these be the best cheap FPV goggles (i.e. for the price)? Read on for more.

Eachine EV100 Features

The EV100 have a pretty good feature set for their price point and form factor. I have picked out some of the highlights, but the full specification is at the end of the article if you are interested.

  • Impressive 720×540 screen resolution, normally reserved for significantly more expensive alternatives.
  • Lower than normal 28 degree field of view, which is a bit of a let down and will leave the image looking relatively small.
  • Fan to prevent goggles from fogging up.
  • Micro USB power input option.
  • Adjustment of both IPD (distance between eyes) and focal distance (for users wearing glasses without too strong a prescription).
  • Antenna diversity.
  • No inbuilt DVR, but one is available separately.
  • Good build quality without being too heavy for long flying sessions.
  • No diopter insert slots without modifying the goggles (as some users have now done).
  • Brightness & contrast adjustment.
  • Included battery is recharged via micro USB, freeing up your LiPo charger for flight packs!


Eachine EV100 Cons

  • 28 degree field of view may not sound bad, but in practice leaves the image very small. Even though the goggles have a high resolution, the image is too small to make the most of this. The upside of this is with a high resolution, the image is crisp and clear, unlike others.
  • No built in DVR – there is a video out function where you can connect an external DVR, but this then adds to the bulkiness of the goggles. There is also an external DVR module available.
  • Stock battery only has about a 30 minute battery life.
  • Limited range on the built in diopters, and there is no insert tab to use normal diopters. So not good if you have a strong prescription and are not willing to modify the goggles to use diopters.


EV100 comparison to Fatshark

Eachine EV100 Pros

  • Build quality is solid, without making the goggles too heavy.
  • Channel switching/Auto scan selects strongest frequency, so you can get back into the air quicker.
  • Micro USB port allows you to power with a power bank when out in the field, or do without the goggle battery pack altogether.
  • Receiver module built in.
  • Adjustable diopter – not something we’ve seen before and fantastic for people with weak prescriptions, who will no longer need diopters.
  • Dipoter and IPD adjustment for each eye independently between -4 and +1 so great for long sighted people.
  • Built in fan with power switch on underside of the goggles, so no need to re-start each time you unplug.
  • Can accept a 3.5mm av in signal, so using an external receiver or video source is possible.
  • Can choose whether to display current band and channel on screen.
  • Battery has built in charging circuit, so it can be charged with a standard USB charger

Eachine EV100 Verdict

It is important to mention that these are not just a cheap copy of Fatsharks. The main downside of the EV100 compared with Fatshark V3 for example, is that the EV100 have a much lower field of view. What this has come back down to, as always, is that in the world of drones you do get what you pay for.

If you are new and don’t want to be spending a significant amount of money on Fatshark goggles, then the Eachine EV100 offer a good alternative if you want compact goggles. Additionally, if you are long sighted and can’t use screen box goggles, then these are a cheaper alternative to buying Fatsharks and are more immersive than using a screen.

If you don’t need this compact form factor, then the cheapest goggles worth you buying are the Eachine VR D2read my review here. These are a much better option in the same price range if you can accept the screen-box form factor.


Full Eachine EV100 technical specifications below:

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