New Release: iRangeX iRX-IR8M Multi-Protocol Transmitter First Look/Review

The iRangeX iRX-IR8M is a 2.4GHz, 8 channel Multi-Protocol Transmitter, which has just been announced.

Closely resembling the TBS Tango, this transmitter immediately caught my eye. Unlike the Tango, the iRX-IR8M doesn’t have an integrated 5.8 GHz receiver and FPV display. Instead, the screen is used for standard transmitter display functions, but is reportedly customisable. Where the Tango requires a separate JR type module, the iRX-IR8M has multiple protocol compatibility built in.

You find the iRangeX iRX-IR8M now at Banggood.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M 2.4G 8CH Multi-Protocol Transmitter

The iRX-IR8M has a number of exciting features. It is natively compatible with a range of protocols, including FrSky, Futaba, DSM/DSMX, Walkera, Hubsan, Syma, Flysky and Chinese protocols used in most toy-grade quadcopters. The gamepad style should mean that the transmitter is easy to use even for those with smaller hands because the whole stick movement can be achieved. Gimbals are expected to be smooth, thanks to quad ball bearings and have adjustable stick length and tension. The buttons and switches themselves are fully customisable, so you can use them for any function. This level of functionality is something normally reserved for much more expensive options, so is a steal at this low price point.

With it’s compatibility with such a large range of receivers, this transmitter is a great choice for anyone wanting to be able to fly more than just a single racing drone. It also makes a great upgrade to the cheap transmitters that come with toy grade drones, giving you much greater control.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M release date

The iRangeX iRX-IR8M is being released for pre-sale on the 25th November, check it out here.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M Specifications

Full specifications and more iRangeX iRX-IR8M details are below:

Brand name: iRangeX
Item number: iRX-IR8M

Band: 2.4GHz
Channels: 8
Color: White, Black (optional)
Mode: Mode 2, Mode 1 (optional)
Computer Radio: Yes
Outpulse: 1000-2000ms
Model Memery: 30
Modulation: “4 IN 1” CYRF6936, CC2500, NRF2401, A7105
Range: Full
Telemetry: Yes

Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 2S Lithium lon Battery/ 4S “AA” 1.5V

* i8X-IR8M transmitter can act like a USB drive. Managing models, configuration, icons, and themes is as easy as copying a file.
* Supporting for up to 255 different models in transmitter memory.
* Fully configurable themes including bitmaps, fonts.
* Flexible transmitter configuration, remap any switches or buttons to any purples. Also Virtual Channels for additional functionality.
* All text is localized, user-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
* Smooth, quad-bearing gimbals, adjustable stick length and tension.
* Comfortable, no-slip tubber grips.
* Easy-to-read backlit screen.

*Support for multiple protocols without any modifications to the transmitter:

Cyprus: CYR6936: DSM/DSMX, JR Pro, Walkera DEVO
Texas Instruments: CC2500: Frsky, Futaba SFHSS
Amiccom: A7105: Flysky AFHDS2A, Hubsan

Nordic Semiconductor: NRF24L01: Hisky, Syma, Assan and mose other Chinese models.

Package Included:
1X iRangeX iRX-IR8M 2.4G 8CH Multi-Protocol Transmitter With Receiver

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