Foxeer Box 4k Cam Review

This is a first look at the new Foxeer Box 4k Cam. Not a lot of information is available right now, but everything available is below! I wanted to do a quick Foxeer Box Cam review, because after looking at these specifications, I am quite excited! Foxeer are known for producing good quality but cheap FPV drone HD cameras, and the Box Cam looks like it could be the next in line to take the top spot.

Foxeer Box 4k Cam HD Drone Camera

I recently looked at the Runcam 3, which is another GoPro Hero 5 Session form factor camera. Unfortunately the Runcam was limited to 1080p @ 60fps, didn’t have a superview option and wasn’t waterproof. Looking at the Foxeer Box Cam specification below, it ticks all the boxes that the Runcam missed.

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Foxeer Box 4k Cam Specification

  • Ambrella A12
  • Sony IMX117
  • 7G 155°F2.8
  • OLED
  • Wifi+Bluetooth
  • microUSB HDMI – presumably we will be able to plug directly into our goggles to review footage, this would be great.
  • stereo Mic – unlikely to be as good as the GoPro (which is a major differentiator) but good to have.
  • 1100mAh unremovable battery – this is unfortunate, as many FPV Drone users like to have a removable battery to save weight.
  • EIS – image stabilisation is something which is great to have, even on a well tuned quad, so it’s nice to see it here.
  • 40*40*40mm – slightly larger than the GoPro Hero 5 Session (38*36*38mm) so I’m not sure that the Box will be compatible with session mounts.
  • 2.5K/60fps, superview 4K/25fps, 1080P/120fps, 1o80P/60fps superview – really great recording options, particularly the high 120fps 1080p mode, which I’m sure will be great for slow-mo shots.
  • IP64 waterproof – although we don’t want to crash our drones in a river, if we do it’s nice if our camera can survive!
  • Lens protection glass
  • ISO: 100 200 400 800 1600
  • Shutter speed for pic: 1/30~60
  • EV comp: -2.0~2.0

Foxeer 4k Box Cam HD Drone Camera

Comparing the Box Cam and the Runcam 3, it is clear that the Foxeer has the higher specification, but what about the price? This is still unknown and should be released very soon, but we expect it to be competitive!Foxeer 4k Box Cam HD Drone Camera

It is interesting to see another square camera released. Clearly the budget camera manufacturers are trying to build on the success of the GoPro Hero 5 Session, but where the Runcam 3 was good (particularly for such a cheap camera!), can the Foxeer 4k Box Cam be great? We will have to wait and see. Make sure to check back, as all the latest information will be here as soon as I know about it.


  1. I fly seaplanes, usually with a 1.3M wingspan / 1130g / 40oz, not that big, so the square form factor, while not a big deal for drones, is the only thing giving me reservations (creating drag, blocking airflow to control surfaces). That said, I’ll take the risk based on this being waterproof alone as saltwater has taken a toll on my runcams — and the Foxeer Legend 3, while otherwise fantastic, isn’t going to be waterproof.

    I wish they’d stop teasing us with the price and release data and at least start taking pre-orders like runcam. This thing is damn impressive, runcam needs to step their game up.

    Good write-up, James, keep it up.

    • Thanks Doug, I appreciate the feedback.

      I agree that for a seaplane it is a good option. Although it creates some extra drag, having kit that lasts has got to be an important factor.

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