Runcam Swift 2 Review

In this Runcam Swift 2 Review, I’ll be looking at the main changes and new features available compared to the popular Runcam Swift. The original is great and is my go to FPV camera, but after familiarising myself with the Runcam Swift 2, I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one! There are a host of new and upgraded features, which all add to an already great camera.

Runcam Swift 2 ReviewRuncam Swift 2 Review – features and changes

  • Now available in three lens options. Instead of the single 2.8mm option, we now have:
    • 2.5mm (130°)
    • 2.3mm (150°)
    • 2.1mm (165°)
  • Input voltage range is increased from 5-17V to 5-36V.
  • There is now an inbuilt microphone on the back plate of the camera.
  • VBat reading direct from your LiPo, which can be displayed on screen via the new OSD.
  • New inbuilt OSD with VBat reading, flight time and customisable name.
  • More sophisticated menu/OSD control.
  • Extension cable for easier OSD/menu modification.

Runcam Swift 2 Review (2)Runcam Swift 2 – First Impressions

The Runcam Swift 2 uses the same Sony HAD sensor that we are used to seeing in the majority of cameras that are out there. Having the lens of your choice pre-fitted to the camera is great. The original Swift comes with a 2.8mm lens, which is just a bit too narrow for most pilots, particularly if using the camera for drone racing. I find that 2.8mm restricts my peripheral view a bit too much, so it’s nice to see options direct from Runcam. The voltage range increase and inbuilt microphone may be a big plus for some, but I think this will make little to no difference for drone racers.

Where the changes start to get more exciting is with the new inbuilt OSD. This is customisable and now allows you to view the VBat on screen, thanks to an additional connection on the camera. Just connect this directly to your battery to get a voltage display on screen. You can now configure the voltage and a timer (as well as the existing name field) to put this information wherever you like on the screen. For me, an inbuilt OSD is a great feature to add directly to the camera and also cuts out cost and complication from the rest of your build. It won’t be for everyone, but if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it. It’s really good to see companies innovating like this and will help to make your build cleaner and more robust.

Runcam Swift 2 – The Verdict

As you’ll already have realised, I think the Runcam Swift 2 is a great camera, but should you get it? The image quality is the same great standard we are used to, but the camera now has an upgraded and expanded feature set. When you consider that the Runcam Swift 2 is selling for an almost identical price as the original, why wouldn’t you get the upgraded version!

You can buy the Runcam Swift 2 from Amazon!

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