FrSky Taranis Q X7 Review

Welcome to my FrSky Taranis Q X7 Review/first look! The FrSky Taranis Q X7 is the latest transmitter released by the makers of the Taranis X9D Plus, which is very popular in the FPV drone racing community. It may be too early to say for sure, but it looks like FrSky may have done it again with their latest release! The Q X7 is the little brother of the X9D, but with an incredibly low price point for the features on offer, which are only slightly reduced from the X9D. Next up are the changes in this new radio, but read on to the end of the review for my thoughts on the specifications compared to the X9D I currently use, is it worth you swapping to? FrSky Taranis Q X7 Review

Q X7 new features and changes:

  • Multicolour power button providing radio states
  • Both sticks come spring loaded, which can be easily removed so you can choose mode 1 or mode 2
  • Gimballs are understood to be the same as in the current X9D Plus
  • Loses two 3-position switches and two side sliders compared to the X9D
  • Slightly smaller screen, but still displays information clearly
  • Menu is more intuitive and easier to navigate thanks to the scroll wheel
  • Headphone jack and trainer port on top of radio for easier access
  • The antenna isn’t soldered internally, so it can be swapped out for another with a lot less work than was previously required. Great if you prefer a high gain antenna!
  • The battery bay size has changed from the standard we are used to to 92x57x16mm, so the standard transmitter LiPo packs won’t fit
  • It is squarer than we’re used to, but there are rubberised grips on the back making it feel a lot less blocky

Initial thoughts:

I love the new power button, but I’m not sure how much use anyone flying an FPV drone would find it. I know it may sound pathetic, but what I am exited about is the new scroll wheel. Navigating menus with the X9D can be painfully slow and tedious, particularly as the menu system isn’t intuitive for new (and even experienced) users. This will hopefully be a thing of the past now, as it looks like the whole menu system is now a lot easier to use. Anything that makes set-up and modifying settings more straightforward is a good thing in my book.

As it’s compatible with the majority of the recent receivers out of the box (FrSky X series, D series and V8-II series) and even more if you make use of a different module in the module bay, compatibility isn’t a concern. The Q X7 also comes with the features we love from the X9D Plus such as telemetry, voice and haptic/vibration feedback. Running on OpenTX 2.2 means the radio is fully customisable and so is open to modification, great if you like to tinker with your gear to make it work just right for you.

I can cope with losing the 3 position switches, but what I really do not like is the removal of the side sliders. I find these very useful and use the left slider as my arm switch. Lack of clear switch  labelling is a bit of a downside too, as I do pick some switches to match their allocated function. i.e. “B” is for buzzer.

The Verdict:

The amount of features you get for the price is incredible and I can comfortably say that if my X9D stopped working, I would be giving the Q X7 some serious consideration. If you are looking to upgrade from one of the budget radios or are just getting started in the hobby, this is a great radio for you! Get the FrSky Taranis Q X7 here!


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