Aomway Commander Goggles Review

A good pair of FPV goggles twinned with a great camera can make your FPV drone flying so much more fun and enjoyable. Fatshark have dominated so far because of their compact, high quality goggles with a good feature set. As goggles are often one of the most expensive parts of a setup, finding something worth your money is important and it can be worthwhile paying for additional features that you use often. Today I’m looking at the Aomway Commander goggles, as a possible alternative to the Fatsharks.

They have a great feature list along with a very competitive price.

You can buy the Aomway Commander now on Amazon or Banggood.

Aomway Commander FPV GogglesThe Aomway Commander goggles are featured in my roundup of the Best FPV Goggles, check it out!

Aomway Commander – Overview & Key Features

So what makes these goggles a good Fatshark alternative? Well the Aomway Commanders have a great feature set, which fairly closely matches the Dominator V3’s, except the Commanders have an inbuilt diversity receiver (which could cost you another $50-100 or more) and are cheaper!

Here’s what you get:

  • Screen FOV: 32°
  • Screen resolution: 854 x 480
  • Glass optics
  • Receiver: built in 40CH 5.8 GHz diversity receiver
  • Battery: None, but supports any 2-4S via balance port adaptor
  • Interpupillary Distance (IPD) adjustment
  • Built in DVR with micro SD port – record your FPV video
  • Foam padding (two sets)
  • Fan to keep your vision free of condensation
  • HDMI mini input
  • AV in
  • Auto scan – one key press to tune into the strongest signal
  • Accepts diopter lenses
  • Head tracker port

Aomway Commander FPV Goggles

Aomway Commander – First Impressions

I’ve looked at both budget and high end/expensive options in the past and the Commander goggles definitely meet the expectations of a more expensive set of goggles. With goggles like these, I think it is reasonable to expect features like IPD adjustment, DVR and an anti-fog fan, so I do not see these as any sort of bonus, just the bare minimum. What I do love is features like the built in diversity receiver, HDMI input (although I admit this is becoming more common) and the auto scan feature. Being able to hit one button and tune into the strongest channel is a great time saver. When you are flying with friends you don’t want to miss out on the action, so manually flicking through channels one by one can be frustrating. When you are ready to get back into the air, plug in your drone and re-tune immediately (since you’re next to your drone, it will be providing the strongest signal).

Using low quality 2S LiPo packs with goggles has always frustrated me (hence putting together this DIY Fatshark Battery Alternative Guide), so the little balance port adaptor that comes with these goggles is really refreshing. It allows you to use any 2-4S LiPo with the goggles just by plugging into the balance port. No more charging multiple packs of different voltages and capacities before you can go out flying!

Aomway Commander – Cons

  • Not as established as Fatshark, but this is reflected in the price
  • Cannot easily upgrade built-in receiver for something more sensitive, but can be used with an external receiver

Aomway Commander FPV Goggles

Aomway Commander – Pros

  • HDMI input means these goggles are ready for the latest HD FPV systems
  • The built in diversity receiver means you benefit from good reception both near and far
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses with additional diopter lenses
  • Battery pouch on back of head strap helps to keep the weight off your face
  • Built in DVR with playback
  • Foam padding makes long FPV sessions comfortable

Aomway Commander FPV Goggles

Aomway Commander – Verdict

These are no budget goggles, but when you consider that the equivalent Fatsharks (plus diversity receiver) could set you back $400 or more, the Aomways could offer Fatshark some serious competition! They have a fantastic feature list along with a very competitive price and so get my recommendation.

You can buy the Aomway Commander now on Amazon or Banggood.

Looking to spend a bit less cash, but can accept something bulkier? Read my review of the Eachine VR D2 and get them now on Amazon or Banggood.

The Aomway Commander goggles are featured in my roundup of the Best FPV Goggles, check it out!

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