How To Get a Drone Down – Quick Tip

How to get a drone down out of a tree? It is not something you’ll want to spend much time doing! At some point or another you are going to crash your drone into a tree. Whether it’s flying too low, too high under branches or diving too close to the trunk, eventually it will happen. It is probably also true that after the first time it happens and you are unprepared for it, you’ll want it to be your last, it certainly was for me! When you are out for a flying session the worst thing is not being able to fly, so getting your drone down quickly keeps the fun flowing!

Sometimes getting your drone down is easy. If it’s low enough to grab or the tree can be given a good shake, then you should be back up in the air quickly. But what happens when it’s too high and you just cant climb high enough safely?

How To Get a Drone Down? Tent Poles!

That’s right, tent poles. If you are flying a bit of a walk away from home or the car, you can carry them in/on your pack as they are lightweight and collapsible. They typically extend to about 4m, so will give you a really decent amount of reach! If you tie a loop of string around the top and secure with some tape, it isn’t too difficult to hook the loop around your drone and pull it down. If your tent poles are too flimsy, try taping two together side by side.

Don’t have a tent, don’t worry, you can get the poles separately here!


Tent poles


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  1. yeah tent poles …i remember that one !
    i always carry mine with me noiw

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