Headplay SE HD FPV Goggles First Look/Review

Regarded by many as the best for image quality, the original Headplay goggles were a great option. For those looking for a huge immersive field of view, high quality video and with no concerns over the physical size, the Headplay SE HD FPV Goggles could be the best new option. You can get the Headplay SE here.

Headplay SE HD FPV GogglesHeadplay SE – Overview & Key Features

Rather than individual screens and optics for each eye, the Headplay goggles utilise a single screen and a lens. By doing this, a much larger screen can be used and the resulting field of view, resolution and overall image quality are all improved. The FPV headset comes with an optional DVR to record what you view through the screen, which is great for those twinning the goggles with a micro FPV quadcopter not capable of carrying an additional recording camera. You can also watch your recorded DVR footage on screen.


  • Screen size: 7 inches
  • Field of view: 72 degrees
  • Screen resolution: 1200 x 600
  • Receiver: built in 40CH 5.8 GHz receiver
  • Battery/connection: 2-4S LiPo battery – via XT-60 connector
  • Battery holder on back of headband
  • Antenna connector: SMA
  • Built in DVR – record your FPV video
  • Low latency (15ms) LCD
  • HDMI and AVI in
  • Foam padding
  • HPRO lens offers a narrower FOV for FPV racing

Headplay SE – First Impressions

If you are used to using goggles like the Fatshark Dominator HD3, the first thing you will notice is the absolutely huge field of view. The result is a really immersive experience, which is great for FPV. The finer touches are where you can really see that the Headplay goggles earn their price tag. The goggles are provided with different density foam pads, so that the goggles can be adapted to your preferences. A lot of work seems to have gone into making these goggles very comfortable. As well as the foam padding, you get adjustable straps with a silicone anti-slip coating and a faceplate design that spreads the weight evenly over your face. This makes the goggles great for long FPV sessions, where you don’t want to be worrying about adjusting the goggles because of a sore face. Additionally, the optics are easy to clean, which can be a problem with other goggles. Having an additional lens which offers a narrower field of view is great for those wanting to use the goggles for FPV racing, where you benefit from being able to see the whole screen without moving your eyes.

Headplay SE HD FPV GogglesHeadplay SE – Cons

  • Large physical size
  • Cost compared to other screen box type goggles
  • DVR and HPRO lens are both add ons
  • Receiver does not have diversity

Headplay SE – Pros

  • Great quality screen
  • Huge field of view
  • HDMI in for using with Connex ProSight, DJI drones or hooking up to your PC for FPV simulators
  • Comfortable
  • Can use your quad batteries to power the goggles thanks to 4S compatibility
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses without expensive additional lenses
  • Battery pouch on back of head strap balances the weight

Headplay SE HD FPV Goggles

Headplay SE – Verdict

As some of the most expensive screen box style goggles, the Headplay SE goggles may have a lot of competition from cheaper alternatives, but only on price. The attention given to making these goggles comfortable to wear is great to see. Although it may seem obvious, if you have ever flown with uncomfortable goggles, you will understand how important this is. Where the Headplay goggles excel is in image quality and the cheaper alternatives simply can’t compete. If superior image quality or a native HD connection is important, the Headplay SE FPV goggles are certainly worth a look!

You can find the Headplay SE soon on Amazon or right now at Banggood.

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Headplay SE HD FPV Goggles

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